where Dionysos dwells

a devotional image blog,
dedicated to finding Dionysos wherever He may be.

contains nudity (obviously); NSFW.



Dionysus- Look at this sly fucker

He’s so badass he stabs giants during their naps with his hair done up.

He avenges his friends from dirty old rapists.

He rides a fucking chariot lead by a panther, bull AND Griffin.

When he parties he doesnt wear leopard print, he rides into the fucking club ON a LEOPARD.

He’s a kinky fucker and all the satyrs wanna be whipped by him.

But hey he can be a sauve mofo and treats his lady Ariadne right, just look at all those fancy blankets.


(Dionysus: a drunken summary by SheriffLauren)


don’t go browsing antique stores unless you’re prepared to find something that will break your heart because you can’t afford it… ever.