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Table support with a dionysiac group:

Unknown provenance. This piece was the single support for a table top. The pillar support is adorned by a group of Dionysos, Pan and a Satyr. The nude Dionysus holds a rhyton ending in the front of a panther. Next to him the goat-footed god Pan holds a lagobolon. In front of him there is a small cylindrical basket, from which a snake is emerging. A young satyr climbs up the vine and cuts grapes with the sickle in his right hand. From the branch hangs a lagobolon, a pan-pipe and a goatskin. The exposed parts of the bodies are very polished. Traces of red and yellow colour are preserved on the hair of the figures and the branches.  Marble from Dokimeion in Asia Minor. From a workshop in Asia Minor. (170-180 A.D)

(Source: national-archaeological-museum, via byronofrochdale)